Deep Sauce


January 12, 2021

People overthink things. Overthinking derails action and leads you nowhere. There's a time to consider your options and do some research. But there's eventually a time to act, and most people never get there.

Why do people overthink things? Maybe they're worried there's a better option, or a better way to do it, or that they don't have enough information to make the right choice. But that's not the real reason behind the endless dithering.

I think overthinking comes from an unwillingness to actually commit to something. It's an excuse in disguise.

I could overthink how to make a better blog. Should I go with Wordpress? A popular static site generator like Hugo or Jekyll? What about using the Wordpress APIs with a Vue.JS front-end? Maybe just stick with the simple but un-scalable solution of raw HTML and CSS files?

At the end of the day, I went with a static site generator written in Swift (Publish) because it's fast, dynamic, and (after initial setup) just requires a few clicks in Xcode to add new blog posts. And it made for a fun technical challenge to implement such an esoteric solution. (It was part of a challenge with a friend, who ultimately failed to start his own blog, but I got a bowl of ramen out of it so I'm not complaining.)

Rather than overthink how to start a blog, I just picked a reasonable solution after some research. Maybe it's not perfect, but perfect is the enemy of good. I think it's also the enemy of even starting in the first place.

You'll never do anything worthwhile with your life if you spend all your time worrying about it. At some point, you just have to start running, or investing, or podcasting. You can figure it out as you go along. But you can't just sit there and overthink yourself to death.

The people who tell me they'll start a podcast someday, or a YouTube channel someday, or learn to code someday, are a dime a dozen. Everyone tells themselves that they're finally going to turn their lives around. But then they keep overthinking it and wait for all the stars to align.

There will never be an ideal time or situation to do something in life. And there will always be a fog of war when you start. But there's really only one way to learn and improve, and it's not by sitting on your ass thinking it over for the millionth time.