Deep Sauce


January 5, 2021

The ultimate impediment for everyone in life is the fear of failure. More often than not, when someone dreams of doing something worthwhile with their life, they count the cost and discover the very real possibility of failure, and never bother starting in the first place.

I think the main objection to pursuing an ambitious goal is that age-old question everyone has to wrestle with:

What if you fail?

Let's take making dragon babies as an example. To most people, it's an overly ambitious, delusional, and impractical vision for life. After all, it's not really under a single person's control to make dragon babies. You would need to start a family with someone who shares the vision to build a lineage, willing to go all-in as a parent who will push their children to surpass their limits. That really narrows the dating pool, to say the least. Even if the marriage hurdle is cleared, the woman could be barren, the guy could shoot blanks, the kids could simply not pan out despite the parents' best efforts, and so on.

It wouldn't be a real challenge if there wasn't a real possibility of failure.

My answer to What if you fail? is simply: So what? Making dragon babies isn't really the be all and end all. Ultimately, it's a cookie, just like everything else. The real point of a vision and purpose is that it gives you the direction to move towards in life. If it doesn't pan out, you come up with a new vision that will enable you to continue down the path.

So what if you're ugly, or untalented, or weird? So what if you're an "incel" or "neckbeard"? To live as though you could make dragon babies someday is still the best approach to life. It helps if you're a bit delusional, but at the end of the day you've got to come up with whatever mental trick is necessary to get yourself on the path and dedicate your life to kicking ass.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether you have kids or not, become wealthy or not, get jacked or not, or gain the esteem of your community or not.

What matters is that you take the fight to life. That you're willing to face your demons every day and make them submit to you. That you do whatever is within your capacity to bring about actual good in the world. That you make the most of the life you've been given and become the best person that you can possibly become.

If you sit around feeling sorry for yourself, or refuse to live the right way out of bitterness or resentment, then you're a failure. But if you get up, ready to throw down and keep fighting the Eight Front War no matter what, then you can fail over and over and over again without really being a failure, if that makes sense.

The only true failure in life is the quitter.